Concerns about my eyes – Doctor vs Patient perspective

Why should anyone get their eyes checked regularly, and what are the concerns wrapped around this statement if you are the doctor, or if you are a patient? There may be a number of qualified answers, but from the doctor’s side of the fence, we are concerned about the health of patient’s eyes. There are some diseases of the eye, namely glaucoma, that can cause significant vision loss with no pain or discomfort to the eye. Some conditions may not have noticeable vision loss until moderate to more advanced stages of the disease. Many of these conditions can be well treated with minimal vision loss if detected in their early stages.

Patients are usually most concerned about their vision, and think they can skip annual exams if they are seeing well. Not all patients have this philosophy, but many do. They believe that if they can see everything they need to see, there’s no reason to get their eyes checked. While doctors are also concerned about providing clear and comfortable vision, we are especially concerned with having the chance to detect and diagnose visually threatening conditions. Think of your yearly eye exam as your annual eye physical. Don’t miss out on seeing the best, and keeping it that way for many years to come.

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