Glaucoma: The silent eye disease

Most visits to your doctor occur when you are sick and symptoms arise.  But not all conditions/diseases have obvious signs.  Yearly wellness exams are vital to your health and also to your ocular health. The eye disease of glaucoma is normally found on wellness exams and most patients are unaware that anything is wrong.  Most are shocked because they have no symptoms and see perfectly.  Many patients go years between eye exams, and if glaucoma develops, irreversible damage can result.  Annual wellness exams are essential for detecting glaucoma.  Many components of an eye exam, including eye pressure, peripheral vision screening, and optic nerve assessment, allow your doctor to evaluate your eyes for glaucoma.  Risk factors for glaucoma include family history, ocular trauma, long-term steroid use, and ethnicity (African-American).  We recommend annual wellness eye examinations to keep you seeing great for years to come!

For more information on glaucoma, visit the Glaucoma Foundation Website

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