Dr. Joy Rosner

Dr. Joy RosnerDr. Joy Rosner first qualified as an optometrist from the University of Wales (UK) where she later taught for five years before coming to the University of Houston on a year sabbatical. At the University of Wales she specialized in ocular disease, but while at the University of Houston Dr. Rosner became interested in the development of vision in infants. Subsequently, she joined the Optometry faculty at UH where she focused on children’s vision problems and published many research papers and two books in corroboration with her husband Dr. Jerome Rosner. Although she now conducts a general practice, seeing all age groups, she continues her special interest in children, including infants, children with binocular vision problems, amblyopia and vision problems particularly as they relate to school learning difficulties. Dr. Rosner also works with adults who have binocular vision problems.
Dr. Rosner lives in Sugar Land with her husband and three sons who attend Dulles Middle and High Schools.