optomap Digital Retinal Imaging

optomap retina imageIt is critical for the doctor to view the entire retina in order to assess the health of the inside of the eye.  This can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Dilation.  This requires drops in the eye that make the pupil larger.  The vision will be blurred and light sensitive for a minimum of four hours, and may last longer.
  2. optomap Digital Image.  This is a scanning laser device that is able to scan approximately 90% of the retina without dilating.  In some cases, the doctor may choose to dilate an eye to look at something specific that has shown up on the digital scan.  This also provides an image that can be used as a baseline reference for future exam comparisons.  There are no drops used, and the patient has no negative affects to their vision after the exam.

The optomap digital imaging device is one of the most effective ways that we can screen for problems inside the eyes.  We can do this now without dilating your eyes, so please call today for an appointment that could save your vision.