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Colony Eye Care 2012 Trunk Show

Posted ago by Dr. Robert Salchak

Colony Eye Care – Sugar Land will have our annual Trunk Show this Friday, April 20th from 9:30 – 4:00.  There will be show discounts on frames, door prizes, and refreshments.  We will honor vision plans if you have vision …

More Than an Eye Exam……150 Point Inspection

Posted ago by Dr. Robert Salchak

Our eyes are very much like a car.  We relay on both to get around.  So, why is it that we don’t think anything about getting our cars inspected yearly (maybe because there’s a law requiring it) but we don’t …

Glaucoma: The silent eye disease

Posted ago by nikki.polnick

Most visits to your doctor occur when you are sick and symptoms arise.  But not all conditions/diseases have obvious signs.  Yearly wellness exams are vital to your health and also to your ocular health. The eye disease of glaucoma is …

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

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There are two main components to a comprehensive eye exam.  We want to check and correct for best visual acuity, and also assess the health of the eye. 1.) Vision Assessment: Refractive error:  nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, presbyopia High order aberrations:  …