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Contact Lenses and Presbyopia

Posted ago by Dr. Robert Salchak

Presbyopia, the loss of near focusing, first occurs between the ages of 35 to 45.  Early symptoms of presbyopia appear as the need to push your reading material further away from you to obtain clear vision.  Presbyopia is a natural …

Everybody Gets Presbyopia. Aka “My arms are too short.”

Posted ago by Dr. Robert Salchak

There are not many things in life that an eye doctor can guarantee, but one of them is that all of us will eventually develop presbyopia. This is a condition that is due to the natural “maturing” of the eye, …

NASA Clears Self-Correcting Spectacles for Flight

Posted ago by Dr. Robert Salchak

There was a recent announcement by NASA that would qualify as rocket science for the eyes.  In the November 2010 issue of Optometric Management, it was noted that after months of evaluation, NASA has certified Superfocus glasses for space flight.  …